As one of Texas’ hottest burgeoning producers, Bird is ready to add his name to the southern region’s decorated musical history.

The Austin-based producer and engineer has developed a signature high-intensity sound that commands the listener’s attention. Bird employs a range of elements — from booming kick drums to ominous synths — that perpetually push the decibels and formulate his energetic sonic landscape. While Bird is a musical force unto himself, he’s also the founder and owner of the musical hub, The Bird House, which has entered into a partnership with Babygrande Records.

The Bird House is a dynamic conglomerate that has a foothold in production, engineering, recording, artist development, original content, and more. The Bird House is an integral aspect to the vitality of Dubbo and Double O Records, Babygrande’s recent signee and new joint venture partner, respectively, as it is the production and recording destination for Dubbo and his Texas-based imprint. 

Bird has linked with Dubbo for their debut Babygrande Records single and video, “Ben10,” premiered by HipHopDX. This is only a sample of what these two have to offer — 2021 is going to be a The Bird House x Double O Records takeover.