Stove God Cooks and Stoupe Join Forces for New Single, “Carbone,” Stoupe Re-Launches Mankind Music and Returns to Babygrande Records

Stove God Cooks is leading the conversation for most anticipated artist of 2024. After igniting his fanbase around the single “Melo Chip and a Brick” to kick-off the year, Stove is wasting no time in following up with “Carbone,” helmed by Stoupe on production. Stoupe, who has worked with artists such as M.O.P., Sean Price, GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, Canibus, Jedi Mind Tricks and many others, is in full effect on “Carbone.” Over a backdrop of strings and expertly chopped vocal arrangements, Stove God floats on the beat and illustrates how other artists “can’t do it like I do.” The track premiered via HipHopDX.

The pairing of Stove God Cooks and Stoupe was envisioned by Babygrande Records founder and CEO, Chuck Wilson. Stoupe and Wilson’s relationship spans two decades, beginning when the Babygrande founder first signed Jedi Mind Tricks to promote their music to a wider audience and release albums now thought of as underground classics like “Violent by Design” and “Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell.” Wilson recognized that Stoupe’s unique soundscapes, often blending hip-hop and eclectic influences, would mesh with Stove God’s melodic flow, but the chemistry between Stove and Stoupe has even surpassed Wilson’s initially high expectations.

Stoupe reached out last year and we were already in the process of creating a pathway for him to come home to Babygrande. I owe a lot of my early success to Stoupe. The opportunity to work with him again to fortify his legacy as a producer and as a foundational Babygrande artist was something I could not refuse. He has an incredible catalog of unreleased tracks and projects recorded and the music is just gorgeous. I was in the studio one day listening to his tracks and in my head, I could hear Cook’s (Stove God Cook$) voice over the tracks. That was a very special moment but even more special was when I sent the music to Cooks and he loved it. They now have around twenty-five tracks recorded and the chemistry is divine,” says Wilson.

While Stove God continues to work on his next albums, including the untitled collaboration with Stoupe, fans can check out their first offering, “Carbone,” below.