Called the “Trap Lord”, “Moombahton King” & “Twerk Ambassador”, Ricky Vaughn is bridging the gap between Hip Hop & Electronic production. Starting out as Mr. Vega, the Brooklyn native served as the producer of the Moombahton 3-piece Sazon Booya, whose debut EP “La Bomba” (Jul. ’11) quickly became a seminal release in the then-blossoming Moombahton scene, earning them a coveted slot on Skrillex’s 2011 Mothership Tour. After sharing stages with Zedd, Munchi, Laidback Luke & many others. Soon after, Sazon Booya disbanded, & Vega quickly re-emerged as the Trap, Moombahton & Twerk “triple threat” Ricky Vaughn.

Named after Charlie Sheen’s renegade baseball pitcher from the movie Major League, Ricky Vaughn lives by the mantra “break all the rules and do the unexpected,” which certainly shows in this genre-bending new EP. Dancing between various electronic styles and the worlds of hip hop and R&B, ‘Primo’ blends the Latin and Carribean flavors of Ricky’s past work with a diverse array of new sounds at a variety of tempos.

In 2013, Ricky Vaughn released four EP’s to much critical acclaim from the blogosphere, and five singles from those EP’s reached Beatport’s Top 20 Singles chart. He’s received huge praise from Vibe Magazine, DJ Mag, White Raver Rafting,, Moombahton.Net, and YourEDM, all labeling him as an artist to watch. His tracks are supported by artists like Diplo, Bassnectar, Skream & Benga, Bro Safari, Munchi, DJ Craze, Nadastrom, ETC!ETC!, 12th Planet, Nick Thayer, Skism, Doctor P, and Reid Speed to name a few. His unique sounds and standout drum patterns are what makes him a leader in the wave of fresh producers in the new century.

Out now on Babygrande Records, the Primo EP finds Ricky Vaughn at a crossroads. Having released the fifth and final edition of his seminal “Art of Moombahton” mixtape series in 2015, he now aims to broaden his horizons. “The Primo EP is the evolution of the Ricky Vaughn project in the sense that I’ve made the ‘bangers’ that everyone loves and proved myself to my fans and the Beatport charts,” says Ricky (real name Josh Vega), “I sat in my studio 5 days a week creating and re-creating my sound until I figured out what would actually ‘fit’ who I am as an artist today.