Atlanta’s Chelly Flame is ready to set the industry on fire. The zealous 20-year-old artist overflows with an infectious charisma, and imbues her music with a galvanizing swagger. A dynamic creator, Chelly is capable of enlisting both an enchanting singing voice and an artillery-like flow; regardless of her approach, no beat is safe from Chelly Flame.

Growing up, Chelly had a relationship with music, casually freestyling with friends and peers. However, while she wasn’t sure where music would take her in the future, Chelly Flame always knew she had “it.” 

Chelly Flame might be a newly-signed artist with Babygrande Records, but her sound and marketability make her an immediate artist to watch. With so much talent and poise, Chelly is keen on branding the game with her signature style — and she hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface of her potential. 

On her debut 20201 single and video, “Big Flame,” Chelly calls upon her staple aggressive style to create a thunderous introduction. From the start, producer ecg703’s chilling “Big Flame” keys and bassline set an ominous tone that rolls out the red carpet for Chelly Flame’s grand entrance. Chelly matches the production’s dark atmosphere with a captivating presence that positions her as a force to be reckoned with. The ascending artist deploys a barrage of blunt bars that slice through the beat like a hot knife through butter; Chelly doesn’t mince words — she simply doesn’t have time for that. On “Big Flame,” Chelly makes it perfectly clear that she’s arrived, and that she isn’t here to play games.

Watch the “Big Flame” video below: